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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Reel Grinding

It’s summer time and that means sand, sand & sand, everywhere!  Mechanics are not thrilled with this time of year because us superintendents love throwing sand on the golf course. Mowers do not like sand which mean constant grinding of the cutting units.

This video is the reel being ground.

This video is the bedknife being ground.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mole Cricket Control

Yesterday an outside contractor applied the annual mole cricket application to the golf course.  Mole crickets are an extremely destructive pest that can cause severe damage to a golf course.  The application is applied with special machines that slice the product into the turf.  The product has a 6 month guarantee and out breaks that do occur are handled by the manufacture in that they supply the club product and our staff apply it.

Monday, June 17, 2019

4 Days Growth

First application of fertilizer following the first closing for summer cultural maintenance has kicked in full force.  Time to start applying Primo (growth regulator) to the entire golf course to better control growth.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mowing fairways

Started mowing fairways in preparation for the Friday opening.  First mowing since we finished topdressing fairways.  Cutting a little more than the recommended 1/3 of the green!

Equipment Demo

Demoed 2 pieces of equipment yesterday that could help make maintenance more efficient.

On the nursery green we demo a Wiedenmann Triple V 375 vertical mower.  This unit can be used on areas throughout the golf course to make cultural practices more efficient.  Instead of send 4 guys out to vertical mow green one operator can perform the task in a fraction of the time.  The unit was very impressive.

On the coquina cart paths we demoed Wiedenmann Terra Rake.  This unit has multiple uses throughout the golf course.  From turning over the coquina, dragging roughs, tee and fairways to help remove thatch and grain to changing the unit over to brushes to be used to drag in sand from topdressing.  

Summer Cultural Maintenance Stats

Summer maintenance to the main areas of the golf course during the closing.

-  Greens had 100 tons of sand applied prior to aerification, core aerified 2 times (material removed by hand), rolled daily to help firm them up, vertical mowing was done to remove excess thatch build up, a light application of sand applied, mowing started up, continued rolling, insecticide application along with a fungicide application was put down to help control a disease called fairy ring, 3 granular fertilizer applied made to green, started applying liquid fertilizer along with a growth regulator (Primo) to help control excess growth.

- Fairways HOC (height of cut) was lowered to .250”, aerified and then dragged once dry, vertical mowing, circle mowing, topdressing, dragging in sand,  granular fertilizer application to promote growth and then allowed to sit for 5 days prior to commencing mowing.  In all over 1,000 tons of sand were applied to fairways and if you stretch out the vertical mowing in a straight line it would be 48” wide by 105 miles long.

- Tees HOC was lowered to .250, aerified, dragged when dry, vertical mowed, mowed again at .250”, material removed blown off, topdressed, dragged again when dry, fertilizer applied and then tees were allowed to sit for 5 days before mowing started up.

- Roughs HOC was lowered to .500”, aerified, dragged when dry, mowed again at .500”, fertilized and then allowed to sit for 5 days before mowing began.

- Bunkers/Coquina faces were all lowered, edged, checked depth of material, fertilizer applied to the turf and then raked.