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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

New Rough Mowers

The club has switched the type of mowers being used for the roughs on the new golf course.  The old mowers were rotary mowers, like what is used by home owners but on a much larger scale.  The switch is because the new celebration grass is getting puffy in areas and it is due to the limitations of the rotary mowers.  These new mowers are reel mowers, like is used to mow all other areas of the golf course.  With this new mower we can be a lot more aggressive during summer mainteance.  You can see in the video the patchy areas of brown turf.  This is the mowers cutting off the top of the tuffed up grass.   It will take time for the grass to become accustomed to these new mowers but should greatly improve the overall appearance of the roughs throughout the year.