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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mole Cricket Control

Yesterday an outside contractor applied the annual mole cricket application to the golf course.  Mole crickets are an extremely destructive pest that can cause severe damage to a golf course.  The application is applied with special machines that slice the product into the turf.  The product has a 6 month guarantee and out breaks that do occur are handled by the manufacture in that they supply the club product and our staff apply it.

Monday, June 17, 2019

4 Days Growth

First application of fertilizer following the first closing for summer cultural maintenance has kicked in full force.  Time to start applying Primo (growth regulator) to the entire golf course to better control growth.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mowing fairways

Started mowing fairways in preparation for the Friday opening.  First mowing since we finished topdressing fairways.  Cutting a little more than the recommended 1/3 of the green!

Equipment Demo

Demoed 2 pieces of equipment yesterday that could help make maintenance more efficient.

On the nursery green we demo a Wiedenmann Triple V 375 vertical mower.  This unit can be used on areas throughout the golf course to make cultural practices more efficient.  Instead of send 4 guys out to vertical mow green one operator can perform the task in a fraction of the time.  The unit was very impressive.

On the coquina cart paths we demoed Wiedenmann Terra Rake.  This unit has multiple uses throughout the golf course.  From turning over the coquina, dragging roughs, tee and fairways to help remove thatch and grain to changing the unit over to brushes to be used to drag in sand from topdressing.  

Summer Cultural Maintenance Stats

Summer maintenance to the main areas of the golf course during the closing.

-  Greens had 100 tons of sand applied prior to aerification, core aerified 2 times (material removed by hand), rolled daily to help firm them up, vertical mowing was done to remove excess thatch build up, a light application of sand applied, mowing started up, continued rolling, insecticide application along with a fungicide application was put down to help control a disease called fairy ring, 3 granular fertilizer applied made to green, started applying liquid fertilizer along with a growth regulator (Primo) to help control excess growth.

- Fairways HOC (height of cut) was lowered to .250”, aerified and then dragged once dry, vertical mowing, circle mowing, topdressing, dragging in sand,  granular fertilizer application to promote growth and then allowed to sit for 5 days prior to commencing mowing.  In all over 1,000 tons of sand were applied to fairways and if you stretch out the vertical mowing in a straight line it would be 48” wide by 105 miles long.

- Tees HOC was lowered to .250, aerified, dragged when dry, vertical mowed, mowed again at .250”, material removed blown off, topdressed, dragged again when dry, fertilizer applied and then tees were allowed to sit for 5 days before mowing started up.

- Roughs HOC was lowered to .500”, aerified, dragged when dry, mowed again at .500”, fertilized and then allowed to sit for 5 days before mowing began.

- Bunkers/Coquina faces were all lowered, edged, checked depth of material, fertilizer applied to the turf and then raked.

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Using up the leftover top dressing sand from this past season.  No better place to put than on the fairways!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Helping the Dry Areas

In an effort to help with the dry conditions staff will be slicing the dry areas followed by a clean up mower.  This will help to loosen the soil to allow the water to better infiltrate into the soil.  Wetting agents are also being used throughout the course.  We just need a little rain and all will turn green.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Staff Revenge

A few holes from Saturday’s staff revenge.  Last year -4 won this year -11+ won.  
We set it up way to easy.  Not next year😂😂

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

GCM Staff Luncheon

The members of the green committee wanted to thank the golf maintenance staff for their excellent work this season by cooking them lunch today.  We had a great time eating, chatting and just hanging out for the afternoon.  The members cooked all the food and the staff did an excellent job of eating most of it.  The staff greatly appreciate the committee members taking time out of their day for this event.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A Very Sad Day

It is a very sad day at the Wallace house.  Cooper, our chocolate lab who we bought when I first started as the superintendent at Naples Lakes CC took a turn for the worse last night and we had to make the difficult decision to relieve him of his pain.  He had a good life and spent many years hanging out in my office at the maintenance facility.  RIP Cooper Bear!

Friday, March 29, 2019

GCM Renovation Complete

The renovation to the golf course maintenance offices, restrooms and employee break room is complete.  The results are better than I ever could have hoped.  When inside the offices it looks like an entire new building.  I can’t thank the board of directors, green committee, Bryan Roe and of course all the members enough.  The staff are very thankful this project was approved and completed.  If you would like to see the results, please feel free to stop down and take a look.

Monday, March 25, 2019

GCM Office Renovation

The renovation to the golf course maintenance offices, bathrooms and employee break room should be wrapping up in the next couple of days.  The transformation has been remarkable.  Going from 18 years + of use to the near new look has staff excited.  Made upgrades to the internet system throughout the building.  Installed an IT cabinet to manage all the different devices that are managed from the building.  Ethernet cables were running all over the place, hanging from the ceiling and that has been upgraded and run through the walls to outlets.  A tv will be installed in the employee break room for training purposes.  We are now in the process of cleaning and putting everything back together.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

GCM Office Renovation

The renovation to the offices, bathrooms and employee break room is well under way.  The contractor started with the break room and it is a the point of painting the walls and installing the baseboards.  New floor, cabinets, countertop and microwave has been installed.  New refrigerator will be delivered on Tuesday, tv for job board and training videos has been ordered and is scheduled for delivery late this week.  It is onto the bathrooms then the main offices.  Going quickly and staff are looking forward to the upgrades.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Tournament Staffing

There are times when I get questions about why the course isn’t detailed like events shown on TV.  Here is photo of some of the volunteers at this years Players Championship.  Just a small sample of the staff involved in getting courses ready daily for major events.  The prep for this event is actually taking place shortly after the previous years event ends.  Any modifications to be made to the course take place and then they start it all over again.  At TPC Sawgrass the prepping never stops, at courses that hold events every 5 to 10 years the home course officials work with the PGA & USGA starting 2 to 3 years ahead of scheduled events.  It is a major undertaking every weekend.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

GCM Office’s/Break Room Renovation

On Monday the 18th the renovation work to the GCM office’s, restrooms and employee break room will begin.  If you happen to know anyone that may be getting a new refrigerator and the one being replaced is still in operational condition please let me know.  I would like to replace the refrigerator that the employee’s use.  The current one is in poor condition.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Bears at it again🤬🤬

Seems the little bears are having a good time with the flag sticks when they wonder across them.  They did a number on #17 again last night.  
Bears will be bears!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sand Bin Lids

The lids to the sand bins have support boards that run underneath the lid.  Since installed last year and through the normal weather patterns of heating and cooling these boards had started to separate.  Today staff installed carriage bolts through the lid to help tighten this back up.  All 5 bins were completed today.

Steel Plate

GCM staff reinstalled the steel plate that was removed on the number 8 side on the way to 9.  It took a while for us to find fasteners that would hold the plate down but not protrude high enough to create a tripping hazard.  We will monitor these fasteners over the next month to ensure they will do the job.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Irrigation Leak

There has been an intermittent irrigation leak near where the cart path crosses from the 10th to 11th hole.  Recently the area had to be isolated and we began the process of determining the best way to address this issue.  It was determined that the leak was actually under the roadway which made this repair more difficult.  Aqua-Matic was brought in to perform this repair as it was determined the easiest way to repair this was to use HDPE pipe and pull it though the existing pipe.  By doing it this way it prevents the roadway from being dug up.  The repair was started and completed today and the irrigation system is up and fully functional.