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Friday, September 21, 2018

Irrigation Repair

Staff repaired a 6” mainline leak on Wednesday/Thursday.  A service tee (pictured below) had a hole form.  While it is rare to see holes form in ductile iron fittings it does happen.  The irrigation system needed to be shut down to make the repair easier.  The system was drained the old fitting removed and new iron service tee installed, along with a 6” mega lug repair sleeve.  The area will remain as GUR until sod is delivered next week to finish the repair.  Staff did an excellent job in getting the system back up quickly.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tropical Storm Gordon

Tropical storm Gordon came close enough to the club to drop almost 3” of rain and had wind gusts over 45mph.  There was no damage to any of the newly planted trees on the golf course.  Hopefully the additional inch of rain forecasted for today will not happen.  Unfortunately it did bring an end to the Labor Day event.  Staff will be working on cleaning up debris, edging the coquina cart paths and working on the chipping green.