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Friday, August 10, 2018

Upcoming Maintenance

Upcoming Maintenance during the 2 Week Closing.

Greens will be vertical mowed (debris blown off), top dressed, aerified, cleaned off, rolled daily (to smooth out any imperfections). Other than frequent rolling they will be left alone over the next 7 days to allow them to recover from maintenance. The second week of the closing the greens will be top dressed, fertilized and mowing will commence every other day. Conditions of the greens will be monitored closely to ensure they recover as quickly as possible.

Tees/collars/approaches will all be vertical mowed, scalped, aerified and top dressed. These areas will be rolled as needed to help smooth areas following maintenance. All of these areas will be fertilized following maintenance and allowed to recover.

Fairways will be aerified, vertical mowed, scalped and top dressed (limited to specific fairways at this time). Following maintenance they will be fertilized to facilitate recovery.

Roughs will be aerified, vertical mowed, scalped and fertilized.

Bunkers and coquina areas will be edged, faces scalped, depths measured and adjustments in the depth of sand/coquina will be made if necessary.

Once maintenance is completed areas may be brown in color. This is normal and they will recover in a few weeks.

Monica and her staff will be adding around 2,000 dwarf fakahatchee grasses in open areas along the lake behind 3 green, along the right side of 16 fairway and spots here and there. We still have other small spots around the tees that need a few shrubs also.

The efficiency of the last pre-emergent weed application applied in late March has reached the end of its useful time frame. Due to this, you might see some weeds on the golf course have started to emerge. The staff is currently applying post emergent herbicides to address weeds that have become visible. The applications on the course will be completed prior to closing and you will see these weeds turning yellow and dying. Spraying will continue throughout the closing and the next pre-emergent application to the golf course will be applied before it re-opens.

Summer maintenance is a necessary process in the maintaining of the health of the golf course. These procedures are a must and while at times may seem aggressive are a vital process.

If anyone has any concerns during the closing please feel free to reach out to me and I will happy to discuss the different aspects of the closing.