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Friday, August 3, 2018

New Kubota Tractor

The club recently replaced a 20 year old Kubota tractor with a new unit.  This new tractor, also a Kubota, has more horsepower and is able to operate 2 pieces of equipment more efficiently than the one it replaced.  These 2 units are both manufactured by Wiedenmann, one is a fairway aerification unit that staff are using to help locate rocks under the surface of the fairways.  Solid 1” steel tines are currently being used on this unit due to their ability to hit large rocks without breaking.  A staff member follows behind the unit and when it hits a rock the area is marked so the rock can be removed.  This is a tedious process but necessary to help identify where the rocks are.  The other unit is a pull behind verticutting, flail mowing and vacuum all built into one unit.  In the past this unit was used to only verticut fairways as the tractor being used was at the low end of the horsepower range to operate it.  While it has done its job fantastically on the fairway in the past, with the new higher horsepower tractor the unit can be used to also verticut the roughs.  Test passes were made in the roughs surrounding the 17th fairway and the unit performed extremely well.  Below are some pictures of the tractor and verticutting performed in the rough on the 17th hole.

Kubota 7060 w/Wiedenmann Super 600

Rough Verticutting

Rough Verticutting