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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Jimmy "The Blade" Stevens

This project has gone full circle for the lead shaper Jimmy.  Started at the driving range tee and the 11th hole back in April and the finishing touches as far as shaping is taking place over the next couple of days.  The shaping throughout the golf course from greens complexes to fairway and rough features all have a little bit of Jimmy in them.  Monday will mark the end of Jimmy's time at NLCC but the changes he has made will be enjoyed by the membership for years to come.  The renovation team had a little bon voyage dinner last evening, Cheers Jimmy!

Left to right...Thad Layton w/wife Stephanie, Duke, Paul, Jimmy w/wife Julie

Left to right...Joe, Tad King and Thad Layton

My wonderful wife Beth who tollorates the long hours away from home.