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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Golf Course Sprayed Out

Last Tuesday following the 2nd round of the ladies member/quest the course was closed for the 1st of 3 herbicide applications.  The elimination of the existing grasses throughout the course is extremely important to the overall success of the project.  As with any application of this size there are always areas that are missed.  There are also areas of the existing turf that are more resistant to the herbicide than others.  For this reason a follow up application (spot treatment) will be taking place Wednesday afternoon following the clearing of the afternoon shotgun.  The signage notifying the membership will be placed throughout the course warning of the application.  This process should only take staff a couple of hours to complete and the golf course will be open normal hours the following morning.  The second full application is scheduled to take place following the morning shotgun on April 11th.  The golf course will remain closed the following morning allowing staff to complete the application if needed.  Should inclement weather prevent the application on April 11th, the golf course will be closed the entire day on April 12th.